Here is the JVC Everio Dual Lens 3D GS0TD1-17 3D Camera I Purchased

After much investigation and self debate I decided to go for the JVC Everio Dual Lens 3D GS0TD1-17  Camera.  The benefit of this over other systems is that it has two totally independent lens and sensors, so no light reduction from adapter lenses and it is full HD and has optical zoom.

I will publish an unboxing and review of it shortly.  In the meantime here are some photos of the:

JVC Everio Dual Lens 3D GS0TD1-17

These are now quite old which means Affordable High-End Second User 3D cameras

Here is the headset I purchased to watch these videos using my iPhone, it works with other Android and Windows phones.

These are cheap and great, click the link below to find them:



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