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Fantastic Antique Magnifying Glass I Bought In A Charity Shop

Here is the fantastic antique magnifying glass I bought in a charity shop and gave to young Oliver for his fascinating 'Sherlock Holmes' hunt for the origin of our recent Ant Invasion which we discovered when he went to put a biscuit wrapper in the kitchen peddle bin.

Although I only paid a few pounds for it, it must have been an expensive item when it was made.

The quality of the optics (given its age) are fantastic and as you can see from the pictures its still has its:

original box, cleaning cloth, instructions and test card, so it must have waited silently in a draw or cupboard for decades.

As you can see from my fixed1t blog entry and Youtube Video:

Sweet Sherlock Holmes Toddler Investigating An Ant Invasion

 of the Ant Hunt on eBay he loved it, and it suited him, all that was missing was the deer stalker.

When the weather gets better, we'll have to go hunting creatures in the garden, fields and forests with it and take pictures.

Fun times ahead outdoors ;-)


Sweet Sherlock Holmes Toddler Investigating An Ant Invasion

This video is about Sweet Sherlock Holmes Toddler Investigating An Ant Invasion

Oliver is 30 months old and has an inquisitive mind and well developed speech as we have explained and discussed everything in English to him since birth, no baby talk. Although he has a limited vocabulary his language constructive is not that of a two year old.

The other day he discovered an Ant Invasion so I gave him to an old Magnifying Glass and like Sherlock Holmes he went off investigating providing his own logical narrative as he went. He even explains why I can no longer use my shoes LOL