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Friday, 22 December 2017

Can Dogs Chew Food Like Humans - Chew Myth Busted


YouTube have marked this harmless video I did of my beautiful three legged Lurcher (Greyhound Saluki Cross) SKIPPY (his named after Skippy The Kangaroo as he bounce like SKIPPY when he walks due to his single back leg and he's always up to mischief and talks a lot).  They have marked it as unsuitable and won't review it until he's had more than a 1000 complete views.

This angers me, given that there is such much harmful stuff on YouTube thats there as it gets millions of views.  Please Please share this as widely as you can and leave positive comments.  If you continue to do this then I and many other useful posters will stop posting and we'll be left with the crap.


If you want to see more of SKIPPY and his mate BREE here is a PlayList dedicated to them on my fixed1t  YouTube Channel.  If you click on the Stack Of Books ICON Top Left in the video below 1/34 when I wrote this, you can select any of the videos to watch.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Can Dogs Chew Food Like Humans - Chew Myth Busted

A Friend Argued That Dogs Don’t And Can’t Chew.  I explained that Skippy chewed and she said I was  projecting human behaviour on the dog. I Think Skippy Proves Her Wrong - What Do You Think? Can Anyone Corroborate My Belief or Shoot It Down
Thanks #fixed1tRESCUEhounds

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

URGENT Diabetic Hypo Lucozade Original WARNING

URGENT Diabetic Hypo Lucozade Original WARNING

fixed1t Diabetes Mentor

I have used High Glucose Sugar Original Lucozade regularly for over 35 years to treat the early onset of Diabetic Hypo or to drink before I do any exercise of manual work.  Last week I went to purchase some more ORIGINAL LUCOZADE and discovered a new variety called Original Lucozade... but it wasn't what I knew or expected. If had I purchased this whilst feeling hypo I'd have been in serious trouble.  I am therefore making this video as a warning.

If you are a Diabetic Type 1 or Type 2 Or You Know A Diabetic Or A Parent Or Carer Of One They Need To See This Urgently

LUCOZADE ORIGINAL Is Used To Treat Diabetic Hypos Due To Its High Glucose Sugar   If You Don't Give A Confused Hypo Diabetic

Sugar They Will COMA And May Die!

This isn't a joke or fake news and I need your help in sharing this.

This is not like the lower sugar versions I have spoke about before.  A person responded to my previous video to say "Read The F..... Label" by if you hypo or somebody you know is having a hypo your likely to be too out of it or stressed to start hunting for reading glasses or read the F..... Labels.


Friday, 10 March 2017

Early Bumble Bee Rescue Feb 17

Early Bumble Bee Rescue Feb 17

fixed1t February 2017 Bee Rescue

A mild UK January and February 2017 has led to Bumble Bees and Butterflies coming out of hibernation too no food sources.  My Dogs found this Bubble Bee barely alive on my path

With little sun and no food it would die

So we set about helping it!  I think age makes you look at life differently as precious and to be respected and saved.


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

WARNING Healthy Cooking Oil Can Make Your Dog Sick

WARNING   Healthy Cooking Oil Can Make Your Dog Sick

fixed1t Dog Feeding Alert

We have two gorgeous Lurcher hounds Bree and Skippy who are naturnal scavengers and like tidbits and treats left from our meals. Today it was Bacon

Oddly the Bacon made one sick, but we were fine and it tasted great, so I began searching for the culprit.  A yellow residue on the Bacon drainage paper, which match the yellow dog sick, alerted me to look closely at the oil.

Please Let This Be A Warning

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

My Dogs And My Memory Foam Topper

I know you shouldn't laugh when your dogs try and eat you out of house and home, but its hard not to when they get up to antics like this, and literally eat you out of house and home LOL #fixed1tRESCUEdogs

Sunday, 22 January 2017

A drone posed a "serious risk of collision" to a Boeing 737 near Stansted Airport

A drone posed a "serious risk of collision" to a Boeing 737 near Stansted Airport, a report has stated.

The black and white craft with four rotors came within 82ft (25m) of the aeroplane at 3,000ft (914m) on its approach to the airport in May.
A Boeing pilot saw the drone cross its flight path and assessed the risk as low, but the UK Airprox Board said "a serious risk of collision" existed. 
"The board considered separation was reduced to the bare minimum," it added.
The drone was seen at the same altitude as the Boeing 737 and flew left to right across its path.
The pilot reported that "it was obvious from the flight path of the drone that avoiding action was not necessary because it would not impact the aircraft".
The UK Airprox Board, which assesses incidents in UK airspace, disagreed and regarded it as Category A risk - the most serious.
The drone operator, who has not been traced, was in breach of the Air Navigation Order 2009, which refers to flight safety of unmanned craft.
Drones must not be flown in airspace or above 400ft (121m) without permission from air traffic control. 
An "observer" should also keep a close eye on any craft flying so high, but the board said it believed no-one would have been able to see it from the ground.
The incident, which happened above Castle Camps, Cambridgeshire, followed another in March when a Boeing 737 pilot spotted a drone approximately 200ft away at the same altitude. 
The 737 was approaching Stansted at 2,000ft (609m) over High Wych in Hertfordshire at the time.
The board concluded the assessment of risk was difficult due to estimated distances, but it was "clear to the board that the drone had come close to the B737".
"The safety of the aircraft may have been compromised."
The operator of that drone has also not been found.
A spokesman for Stansted Airport said: "Drones pose a serious risk when flown near airports.
"Owners of drones are legally responsible for their safe flying and could face prosecution if they breach Civil Aviation Authority guidelines."
So why are distributors running stupid ads showing a drone being used to fly into an aircraft flight path?