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WALLS Ice Cream Car Air Fresher Choke Hazard - UPDATE

I finish my video and go outside to walk the dog, and guess what I see, the WALLS Fake Ice Cream Infant Choke Hazard 


People Don't Buy These Hazardous Imitation WALLS ICE CREAM Air Freshers

I went to walk my dog the day after uploading my video:

In Car Child Choking Hazard - When Is An Ice Cream Not An Ice Cream
and to my amazement, the first parked vehicle I came across has one of the WALLS Ice Cream car air freshers in it.  Here is a clip from the video I filmed.

Obviously, some people don't see a hazard, they just see and plastic, strawberry, Ice Cream smelling Pink Foot as they drive around.

Here is the actual video on finding the Ice Cream In The Car

WALLS Ice Cream Car Air Fresher Choke Hazard - UPDATE


In Car Child Choking Hazard - When Is An Ice Cream Not An Ice Cream

In Car Child Choking Hazard - When Is An Ice Cream Not An Ice Cream.  If Walls wants to sell excess flavourings as air refreshers I have no objection to it, as long as they aren't enticing replica's of the real Ice Cream that a child can easily mistake as the real thing.  I hope this was a marketing accident or brain dump, I'd hate to think somebody devised this potentially lethal and cynical marketing strategy to entice kids to want more Ice Cream.  Walls please recall these before there is a serious accident. #fixed1t

Incorrect Portrayal Of Diabetes In The Walking Dead

Arg, it happened again, this time in Walking Dead a few weeks ago.  Darren met up with a group of two woman and a young man and one of the woman was falling about ill.  There they are, in a stressful situation, surrounded by zombies, no instantly available fast acting carbohydrates to hand, and after a fracas Darren runs off with a backpack, and it contains insulin.

So he takes it back to them, and the girl injects herself (doesn't eat) but is instantly saved and well, and Darren gets Robbed for his humanity.

This is wrong in so many ways.  Insulin is a catalyst that enables humans and others to matabolize sugars in the blood stream and glucose so the cells of the body can use them.  If you take carbohydrates, sugars etc without insulin, you will feel ill, pee a lot, get blurred vision, get a headaches, then gradually become increasingly unwell and lose weight etc etc.  Unless you drank several litres of high sugar drink or ate large amounts of instant carbohydrates then nothing m…

Urgent Diabetic Hypo Treatment Warning - Lucozade High Energy

I have had Type 1 Diabetes for Over 35 years and currently take 6 injections of insulins per day and currently have none of the major complications associated with it.

Please Note:

I Do Not Suffer From Diabetes - I Just Live With It
The views expressed here are my own and an aid memoire to myself in how I manage my own Type 1 Diabetes,  I do not prescribe anybody do what I do and recommend they make up their own minds and control their own Diabetes.

This video is an Urgent Hypo Treatment Warning to Diabetics and carers 

I am doing this video to make people aware that all the Lucozade Glucose / Carbohydrate drinks are no longer the same.

The New Lucozade flavours no longer contain the High Glucose levels of the Original Lucozade and are therefore ineffective at treating Diabetic Hypo's where a small glass of the original orange coloured clear Lucozade, was enough to alleviate the Hypo Symptoms with 5 - 15 minutes.

Also, these low energy Lucozade drinks are ineffective in stacking car…