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Bumble Bee Nest In My Roof

A lovely group of Bumble Bees have set up nest in my roof, anybody know what species they are?


Red Kite Hawk In Bedfordshire UK

I drove along the same road this afternoon and the Three Red Kite Hawks were hovering and swooping around, I managed to get this with the iPhone, I've had to zoom in a lot to see it:

 but its a magnificent bird, so I think I'll head over with Camera and Tripod and see what I can get over the next few weeks.
So where is the camera charger, rem time to turn the place upside down again, after I tidied it lol

Three Beautiful Red Kite Hawks Worrying A Murder Of Crows

Crows often harass other smaller birds so it was fascinating to see three majestic Red Kite Hawks giving it back.  Seeing one Red Kite is good, but three working together was something special. #fixed1t

CERES fixed1t Videos Playlist

Given the popularity of my CERES videos and the fact I now have over 250 fixed1t videos in the fixed1t YouTube channel, I've decided to put the CERES videos in there own Playlist.

This is for two reasons:

I had difficulty showing a video to a friend as there are so manyI plan to do more 'Information Videos' on CERESI plan to do some videos on the NASA 'DAWN' mission. Here is the link to all my CERES videos, please bookmark it and share it.
Astronomy - CERES Movies
Thanks #fixed1t

NASA Ceres Dwarf Planet Color Footage fixed1t Flyover Movie

I found some stunning colour footage of CERES and converted it into a Flyover Movie, its stunning, but I haven't been able to find the Google Map for it ;-) Point Of Interest '3-Mile Pyramid' or Super Volcano lol

Ceres 3-Mile High Pyramid or Volcano - Could There Be Extremophile Life On It?

Ceres 3-Mile High Pyramid or Volcano - Could There Be Life On It?

Not human life but so-called Extremophiles.

What are they? Well The 26th June 2015 BBC Radio 4 Programme 'In Our Time' chaired by Melvyn Bragg will explain with speakers:

Monica Grady
Professor of Planetary and Space Sciences at the Open University

Ian Crawford
Professor of Planetary Science and Astrobiology at Birkbeck University of London

Nick Lane
Reader in Evolutionary Biochemistry at University College London

Link To In Our Time - Extremophiles

The discussion was about Extremophiles and group of organisms that thrive in physically or geochemically extreme conditions that are detrimental to most life on Earth.[1][2] In contrast, organisms that live in more moderate environments may be termed mesophilesor neutrophiles.  They were first identified in 1977 when the submersible 'ALVIN' was used to go down to over 2000 metres off the Galapagos Islands and found Hydro Thermal Vents of super heated water ap…

Nasa Ceres Dwarf Planet Close Up Zooming On Pyramid Movie

I love the effects of Zooming in on the Ceres Pyramid accompanied by a few minutes of my Ambient Composition 'Surface Noise'. It just adds to the suspense.

Ceres Probe Results - Strange Things In The Asteroid Belt

It's interesting to see the photos from the Nasa Probe to Ceres which is a small 'Dwarf Planet' in the Asteroid Belt.  There is much controversy about the nature of the reflections in some craters:

which are shown in the data from the instruments on board the probe, most likely simple chemical reflections.  The odd thing is the 3-mile high Pyramid shaped mountain which has been seen:

and a planetoid which is otherwise quite flat.

Fact is often stranger than fiction.


Nasa Ceres Dwarf Planet Probe Crater Lights And Pyramid

Strange But Very True Natural or Alien? You Decide

Truth is stranger than fiction.