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Fly Ants Day Has Arrived

i went to the dentist and parked next to a few ants, when i came out the area looked like this thankfully only a few in the car #fixed1t

History of the Lullaby I sing with Olli Kin

I've been searching for information on the Lullaby I sing to Olli Kin which was one my mother sang to me and taught me.  The original lyrics are:

Go to sleep, little brother Peter
Go to sleep, little Peterkin
Mother is within, she will bake a cake 
For her Peterkin, when he shall awake 
Go to sleep, Little brother Peter
Go to sleep, Little Peterkin  I just modified it for Olli Kin in my YouTube Video:
How To Get Babies and Toddlers To Sleep With A Simple Lullaby

As we drove in the car a few days ago, he started singing it, at 22 months Olli hasn't got all the words but his timing, pace and tuning are already very good, which isn't surprising I've sung it to him thousands of times, and nearly fell asleep myself in the process.  The other night I was having difficult getting off so I sang it silently to myself and fell quickly to sleep.

I wonder if they still teach this Lullaby to children as its a simple Do Re Me melody.


Everything Stops For Tea, Including my Lurcher Dog

I read that dogs are very lactose intolerant, but my new rescue Lurcher Bree appears to be very fond of a good old english drink.  As the song goes 'Everything Stops For Tea' and at 3pm that includes my Dog ;-)

How To Get Babies and Toddlers To Sleep With A Simple Lullaby

If you know anybody having difficulties getting their babies and infants to sleep please share this video with them, its easy to do and is very effective to get them to sleep, and to get them to go back off quickly if they wake in the night. Malcolm (aka fixed1t)

Moon Landing 46th Year Anniversary - I want HUBBLE Pointed At The Landing Site

Monday marked 46 years since the Apollo 11 lunar module was landed on the moon by Neil Armstrong with fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin as fellow Astronaut Michael Collins stayed in and piloted the Command Module to secure their way home.

As a teenage boy, this sealed my interest and obsession with space and space travel.  These guys were and are real heroes of the Human Race.

I can't believe there are still people out there who felt and still feel it was a massive, expensive hoax hoisted on the world to hide the money being spent in Vietnam.

What would be really cool is, before they decommission the Humble Telescope or power it down they should:

turn it to face the moon and train it on the Apollo 11 landing sitebroadcast the entire event live across the worldthen train it on the other landing sitesfinally point it at the space station so that we can watch the space station live:movement on the stationcomings and goingsearth in the backgroundI think somebody should …

Family Using iPads In Kitchen Or Dining Room? Then Watch This Safety Video

Tonight I came close to seriously injuring my hand with my 'Harmless iPad' it would most likely also ending up with me dropping and breaking it at the same time.  Please watch and share this warning video.  I'll be much more careful and make sure the kids I work with check the iPads it before picking them up in future. #fixed1ttip

Nasa New Horizons Pluto Icy Mountains Fly Over

Fly Over video of Pluto's Ice Mountains getting closer with each pass, over the next few weeks more and more of the surface images will become available in ever great detail.  As somebody pointed out the cost of this mission 9.5 years the team the craft the flight divide by the distance 3 Billion Miles comes out at around 22 cents per mile and the further it travels the cheaper it will become ;-)

And successive governments have reduce their investment in space.

If you think they should be doing more, for future missions for the children of the future, share this post.


New Horizons Pluto's surface from 48,000 miles

Here is a section of Pluto's southern hemisphere as photographed by New Horizons as is shot towards Pluto.  The detail is stunning.

Interestingly it looks like a close-up of a huge whales head complete with eye and barnacles.
This science is brilliant.  What we also know now is that should humans decide to explore space, there is a massive energy source at Pluto, like a huge filling station.
The question is where is the methane coming from, methane is usually a by product of life.

Speculation on Pluto's Heart shape and origin of Charon

+Charmedone9805 Hi, Thanks for watching the video and leaving a comment.  

That giant heart shaped piece reminds me of scare tissue on a big deep wound. 

Its as if something huge impacted to the left and an enormous section was fired into space, not too far as it formed the Moon Charon.

and the semi molten Pluto smoothed over the area as it released whatever was below.  

Also it appears they are made of similar materials.

The questions remains where were they formed?

Malcolm (aka fixed1t)


New Horizons Mission Pluto and Charon False Colour Images

NASA has released amazing false colour images from New Horizons 'Ralph' and 'Alice' instruments.

These images use false colour to highlight the diverse composition of Pluto and its large moon Charon.

Read more about it here


Nasa New Horizons Pluto Fly Over 14th July 2015

Almost there, 3 billion miles and 9 year old technology and the images are stunning, can't wait for the close up images tomorrow.  Who says money on space exploration is wasted.  The cost must now work out at .0000001 cent a mile of something even smaller.

Please click on the link below to check out my other NASA Mission Videos and Astronomy images:

fixed1t Astronomy Videos CERES & Pluto YouTube Playlist
You won't be disappointed.


Nasa New Horizons Charon Pluto's Moon Fly Over Close UP

Great fly over of Pluto's moon from the latest New Horizons mission images.


Nasa New Horizons Pluto And Charon Fly Over

Amazing new footage from NASA New Horizons showing the red pluto and its moon which I've converted into an Ambient Fly Over.

Malcolm aka #fixed1t

Nasa New Horizons Pluto Fly Over

Another amazing NASA Mission is nearing its conclusion at Pluto, its amazing to think a mission started 9 years ago is still working and bring humans more knowledge of this tiny enclave of the insignificant galaxy we call home.


This Really Is Amazing

This mother takes her kids on a terrifying walk, it's nail biting stuff and a real miracle. Lady Luck was defiantly looking down on them along with a chopper
That's dedication for you