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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Moon Landing 46th Year Anniversary - I want HUBBLE Pointed At The Landing Site

Monday marked 46 years since the Apollo 11 lunar module was landed on the moon by Neil Armstrong with fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin as fellow Astronaut Michael Collins stayed in and piloted the Command Module to secure their way home.

As a teenage boy, this sealed my interest and obsession with space and space travel.  These guys were and are real heroes of the Human Race.

Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins & Buzz Aldrin
I can't believe there are still people out there who felt and still feel it was a massive, expensive hoax hoisted on the world to hide the money being spent in Vietnam.


What would be really cool is, before they decommission the Humble Telescope or power it down they should:

  • turn it to face the moon and train it on the Apollo 11 landing site
  • broadcast the entire event live across the world
  • then train it on the other landing sites
  • finally point it at the space station so that we can watch the space station live:
    • movement on the station
    • comings and goings
    • earth in the background
I think somebody should start a petition.  

Share this post if you agree that Humble should be pointed at the moon landing sites to destroy 'Moon Landing Doubters' myths forever. 

Proving That These Astronauts And Their Teams Were Not Liars And Fraudsters. They Deserve Better.

Buzz Aldrin says his favorite photo of Neil Armstrong was about:

'location, location, location' 
and what a location.

(proud to be a moon landing believer)