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Friday, 31 July 2015

History of the Lullaby I sing with Olli Kin

I've been searching for information on the Lullaby I sing to Olli Kin which was one my mother sang to me and taught me.  The original lyrics are:

Lyrics to Lullaby

  1. Go to sleep, little brother Peter
    Go to sleep, little Peterkin
    Mother is within, she will bake a cake 

    For her Peterkin, when he shall awake 
    Go to sleep, Little brother Peter
    Go to sleep, Little Peterkin 
I just modified it for Olli Kin in my YouTube Video:

How To Get Babies and Toddlers To Sleep With A Simple Lullaby

As we drove in the car a few days ago, he started singing it, at 22 months Olli hasn't got all the words but his timing, pace and tuning are already very good, which isn't surprising I've sung it to him thousands of times, and nearly fell asleep myself in the process.  The other night I was having difficult getting off so I sang it silently to myself and fell quickly to sleep.

I wonder if they still teach this Lullaby to children as its a simple Do Re Me melody.