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Removing Super Glue (Superglue) From Plastic, Glass And Other Surfaces

How I remove Super Glue (superglue) from plastic, glass and other surfaces. Tools used available on fixed1t blog the link below.  Plastic Razor Blades are useful for any glue and paint removal jobs:


3d VR Videos By fixed1t

Wow thats really useful to know, I'll try and find one on eBay, perhaps they realised the public wasn't aware of the enormous problem this would become including bans in Germany  Malcolm

ASMR Unearthly Ambient Galapagos Flight

A friend pointed out to me some time ago that this is a powerful ASMR video and soundtrack the music and sound take you there and you can feel the heat and smell the salt air and sulphurous fire. With an open mind I just tried it headphones, lights out, watching the video and then with my eyes closed and just the light through my eyelids in the dark room and its incredibly relaxing. But as you listen more the hairs on the back of your neck come up and the sound of the wildlife and approaching lava fire and smoke. If you get a chance listen to it with headphones and let me know. #fixed1tASMRmedia