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My Dogs And My Memory Foam Topper

I know you shouldn't laugh when your dogs try and eat you out of house and home, but its hard not to when they get up to antics like this, and literally eat you out of house and home LOL #fixed1tRESCUEdogs

Superglue Tip Save Money Stop Super Glue Tubes From Drying Out Part 3

This is a great tip for anybody using the small tubes of superglue that dry out almost as soon as you open them. This is even for those who have successfully used my previous research findings to save money.  This tip takes just a few minutes but keeps your superglue from drying out for ages.  Try it and share it with friends and colleagues they will be grateful.  #fixed1tMONEYSAVINGtips

This gives even more impetus to saving the bees and not only Honey Bees

Rescuing An Endangered Bumble Bee

My Three Legged Tri-Paw Dog Phantom Scratching

My Three Legged Tri-Paw Dog Phantom Scratching An Itch

fixed1t My Rescue Dogs


Skippy Is A Wonderful Lurcher (Greyhound Saluki Cross) Who Was Made Tri-Paw At 6 Months When He Was Thrown From A Moving Vehicle And Rescued By The Following Vehicle After Hitting Him.  After Surgery He Has A Small Bladder So Needs Regular Rest Breaks

Each Night, At The Top Of The Stairs His Phantom Leg Tries Desperately To Scratch An Itch! As I try to help him it almost appears like he knows what I'm asking and what I am trying to do.