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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

3D VR Toddler Oliver Investigating An Old Water Pump

This video is about 3D VR Toddler Oliver Investigating An Old Water Pump, there is a lot said about kids preferring iPads and Gadgets to old hands-on play, Oliver has access to gadgets you wouldn't believe but is never happier than operating and playing with things that do something.

About fixed1t Virtual Reality 3D

I've wanted Virtual Reality 3D setup for years and thanks to eBay Japan I have a

JVC Everio Dual Lens 3D GS0TD1-17

This video shows my little friend Ollikins at 2, enthusiastically pumping water from an old well we found at the amazing Milton Keynes Museum in the UK. This is In side-by-side 3D Google Cardboard format.


Here is the headset I purchased to watch these videos.

These are cheap and great, click the link below to find them: