Testing Superglue Removal Experiment


I'm placing the information on my Superglue removal experiment in this 'Strange But True' blog until I can create a suitable 'fixed1t Research blog'.  The experiment has come about due to the increasing number of urgent requests I am receiving from people who have spilt superglue on their phone case, tablet case to pc.

I'm testing a number of readily available chemicals and methods to see if its possible to remove superglue without specialist chemicals.

I have set up 8 test stops on the back of my Google ASUS Nexus 7 case so that it is a real item test.

The first 3 trials are listed on the is blog, each video has a link in the last 30 seconds to the next video.

If you have any Myths on what will remove superglue, then let me know I'll be happy to test them, if it isn't dangerous or illegal ;-)

Click The Link Below To Go To:

Testing Superglue Removal From Uneven Plastic Surfaces - Part 1 The Experiment

#fixed1tresearch Thanks for reading and watching.



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