Duckling Diving Into Water Drain Pipe Whirlpool - Normal Speed

I filmed this video in the summer and just came across the footage whilst thinning out my video library.  I was filming and incredibly loud vortex sound emanating from an overflow water pipe from a high lake into a smaller lower lake.  As I was filming a duckling came swimming towards the pipe.  Realising it was in danger I tried to shoo it away from the pipe.  But is stubbornly ignored me and suddenly dived head first into the whirlpool vortex of the pipe as you can see from the video.  I quickly turned round expecting to see a dead duckling float in the lake and it not re-appear, but like a miracle it suddenly surfaced unaffected by its pipe ride and carried on swimming and diving for food in the lower lake.

I don't know anything about duck intelligence, but it seemed to do this deliberately, like it had seen another duck doing it or it was a regular 'water-slide' for ducks and a short-cut to the lower lake.

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