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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Duckling Diving Into Water Drain Pipe Whirlpool - Slowed Up

Hi I've edit the diving duckling video as a few people complained it we too fast and if you blinked you missed it, I may had degraded to movie in doing it but I hope it works.

Aqualung - By Jethro Tull 'Springs' to mind.


Duckling Diving Into Water Drain Pipe Whirlpool - Normal Speed

I filmed this video in the summer and just came across the footage whilst thinning out my video library.  I was filming and incredibly loud vortex sound emanating from an overflow water pipe from a high lake into a smaller lower lake.  As I was filming a duckling came swimming towards the pipe.  Realising it was in danger I tried to shoo it away from the pipe.  But is stubbornly ignored me and suddenly dived head first into the whirlpool vortex of the pipe as you can see from the video.  I quickly turned round expecting to see a dead duckling float in the lake and it not re-appear, but like a miracle it suddenly surfaced unaffected by its pipe ride and carried on swimming and diving for food in the lower lake.

I don't know anything about duck intelligence, but it seemed to do this deliberately, like it had seen another duck doing it or it was a regular 'water-slide' for ducks and a short-cut to the lower lake.

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Is Pure Oxygen Better Than Air?

Most of us know that humans and other animals need Oxygen, and without it we rapidly die. But have you ever wondered why the Oxygen masks on planes seem to be flat pancakes rather than huge Oxygen filled balloons? or that masks for people on Oxygen appear to have holes in them or don't fit tightly or are two loose tubes up the nose? The truth of the matter is that although we need Oxygen at sea level at around 20% to be fully conscious (well most of the time) or sick people may be given more (because they aren't absorbing enough).  You may think that if Oxygen is good for us then more must be better..  but this is not necessarily the case.

If you have a spare 10 mins this is an excellent weird read.

Did You Know Your iPad, iPhone or Android Device Can Read Out Loud Kindle Books To You?

Those of you linked will have seen my recent videos on using the Disability Accessibility Options on the iPad (iPhone etc) and the Android Tablet and a few of you have liked it, thanks.  But I've been working with disable people and students for over 10 years to Improve the specialist technology available to them.  The thing is, a small number of companies do some great technology, i.e. textHelp, Claro, Dolphin etc but what really needs to happen to get the big boys and girls interested in doing more than the bare minimum is for the non-disabled (not yet disabled age get everyone) to realise how stress reducing and time saving these things really are and to start demanding better.  This will only happen when the technology is waved under their busy noses and introduced to then by their friends.  Therefore they need your help and it may help you.  Please share this message and the two links with others as widely as possible and ask them to do the same and if just a fraction of the people start using and questioning this technology we will hopefully be able to get Apple and Google and others to wake up to doing more than the working but a little clunky options we have now and do much much more.

Thanks for your help on spreading the word.

Here is the Making the Kindle read out loud on the iPad (iPhone etc) 

Here is the Making the Kindle read out loud on the Android device

I will make several more videos on reading word and pdf documents (the huge ones the bosses send you the night before the mornings meeting),

Thanks fixed1t

London Tower Poppies - War Ballad By Missing Ex-Soldier Tony Dixon

 In Memory of my brother Tony Dixon - Missing But Not Forgotten.

Smashing iPad Mini Sale on eBay

eBay Sale - Cheap iPad mini used on the road, just one careful owner

ASMR - Playing With Your Happy Toddler Making Music

Are you like me one of the lucky ones that can feel pleasure from sounds and imaginings. Put on headphones, smile, relax and listening multiple times, do you feel the happiness come over you in waves.

:-) fixed1t

ASMR Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response - BBC Radio 4 - 11th December 2014


If you type the letters ASMR into the search box on YouTube you'll get more than 1.5 million results.  There are now scores, possibly hundreds, of people making amateur videos designed to trigger in viewers a particular pleasurable sensation which has been dubbed Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.  One of the videos has been watched more than 7 million times. But only a minority of people claim to experience ASMR.  Nick Higham is one of them.

Try out my video:

To experience this for yourself, try out my video:

To get the best binaural effect, put on headphones, smile and relax and listen multiple times.  I found this is really effective at relaxing before going to sleep, it must have something to do with the release of endorphins.



Fake Psychokinesis Shopping Video Exposed By Soundtrack

Fake Psychokinesis Shopping Video Exposed By Soundtrack ;-) Funny Act Of Nature :-)

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