Gatwick UFOs Was It Incompetence or PsyOPs

In the 1970's to 1980s the CIA WERE involved in the Stargate Programme, researching the means to enable Human Beings:

  • to travel great distance instantaneously
  • to visit places they have never been
  • to effect people and objects based on grid references
  • to attack enemies unseen physically and psychologically
They believed this ability could be learned and that CIA and Military operatives could be taught these techniques it was know as 'Remote Viewing' or 'Remote Sensing'.

Although the research was officially canned there are many (including some of the operatives trained in these techniques) who believe these methods continue to be developed and used particularly for societal control.

This is what one of the final reports roughly said. 

It would be tempting to turn psychological weapons against our own people and make millions of them forget about the discontent they have with their daily lives and with the system of social inequality, about the struggle for peace and about their human rights. The use of these techniques could leave oppressed people feeling joyful, fleeced by financial monopolies and governments but still feeling content with everything.  

Wouldn't this be the ideal Citizen from the point of view of the ruling classes in countries, particularly in the West? In the eighties newspapers own American wrote about MK-Ultra, an ultra secret program of American intelligence which was aimed at turning people on mass into compliant social zombies. This may have been a bit of rhetoric and bravado, but we now know that we ourselves have not escaped such brainwashing. If instruments have been developed for producing long distance effects on the human mind mentioning monitoring of persons who were exposed to individual brainwashing by mysterious radiation, if so stricter measures will be needed to prevent the psychological weapons being used.

Now this may all sound like science fiction, but it isn't and there are those who believe these techniques are being used to hide anything to do with UFOs.  

Its therefore interesting that despite there having been almost two hundred sightings of UFOs around London Gatwick people somehow were not able to use their sophisticated cameras and phones to take a few decent pictures, Why?  What prevented them carrying out this simple task that they do all day every day.  Was it the stress of the event, the boredom of being stranded or something else.  PsyOPs?

If you missed the story or have forgotten what it was about:

Date: 20th December 2018
Location: Gatwick Airport - UK
Threat Level: High
Action: Grounding Of All Aircraft

Unidentified Flying Objects flying over and around Gatwick Airport in the UK have brought the airport to a standstill on 20th - 21st December 2018.  The Airport has announced that UFO's (possibly drones) has been flying in the airports airspace over and around Gatwick causing the airport to:
  • cancel all inbound flights to GatwickAirport
  • cancel all outbound flights from Gatwick Airport
  • ground all aircraft currently at Gatwick Airport
  • strand thousands of people on the ground


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